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Michael J. Fox stumbles and trips on stage during the Back to the Future convention, and fans hold their breath



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Michael J Fox He attended the Back to the Future Expo in Philadelphia on Sunday and stumbled upon his presentation of a panel where he was joining Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson who played Biff in the series.

When everyone was cheering after his introduction after Lloyd and Wilson, he then idolized the other actors in the panel and then things took a turn.

Michael J Fox falls on stage at the Back to the Future convention@employee

Michael J. Fox dived head first onto the painting couch

While no one expected this to happen, there was immediately a huge sigh of relief and shrieks from the audience. Luckily for everyone involved, he dove in head first and landed on the board couch, playing it cool as he raised his arms in reaction to the fall.


Once everyone noticed he had safely reached the couch cushions, they resumed cheering and clapping, now with inner relief.Their beloved actor was safe from all harm.

Like many who follow the news, Michael J. Fox has spoken to the media claiming that his Parkinson’s disease is getting worse, and some media claim that the fall was due to his condition worsening over time.

Michael J. Fox is an advocate for Parkinson’s disease research

After the fall of Michael J.

Many agree that the existence of such a star Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s disease advocacy is important There appears to be a long way to go to a cure and it has raised over a billion for research.

Recently Michael J Fox has been in the news He was happily celebrating his son’s 30th birthday on a boat two days ago.


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