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Moneybagg Yo talks about parenting through grief and cheating on Ari



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Moneybagg u He is in his “strong man”, his healing father, and the commitment of a friend’s covenant after consecutive deaths in his life and dealing with the repercussions Betray Ari Fletcher.

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Memphis rapper spoke recently to Angie Martinez about parenting after the murder of his first father in 2022. They share three children, ages 9 to 13, who now live with him full time.

Moneybagg Yo uses a support system, tears, and prayers to get over his trauma

Hours before she was murdered in her hometown, Moneybagg Yo says she was committed to escaping street life and accepting his help in moving to Miami. The phone call came while he was recording in the studio—at the “high” of his career. He says it “breaks down immediately”. At first he felt disbelief, then got angry at her before letting out all his tears and relaying the news to his eldest daughter over the phone.

“It’s hard to talk about now, but I’m strong, I’m a man,” he said of Angie’s In real life Podcast. “The oldest understands her more than the others, so she takes it harder. She walked up to me like…Dad I just want to talk to you, I want to do therapy, I need therapy. As if she was aware enough to know that.”

To work through his grief and manage his children’s coping needs, Moneybagg relies on his support system.


“It’s a tough situation, I’m just staying strong. I’m just happy because I have such an amazing support system. The support system I’ve had keeps me excited. Girl, my mom, they’re just friends and family friends.” He added, “It’s very difficult. That’s why I said I’m in this strong phase, that’s why I say I want to go back and talk now. At first I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t even do it now.”

About 15:30 minutes into the posted interview, the rapper admitted his voice was trembling. A few minutes later, we shared how he overcame the trauma.

“Like I said, you gotta fire it, you gotta cry. I cried in the shower, I cry a lot in the bathroom. Let it out, let the steam out. Feel good about it afterward. Record songs, try to stay as busy as possible and really stay focused.” But just looking at my kids, that’s what makes it harder. Looking at my kids makes it worse.”

Moneybagg Yo also prays – a practice he takes very seriously. Converted to Islam in 2018-2019.

“God is really going to test your patience. He is really going to test your patience. You have to have patience, like that’s the key, and once I’ve held on to that, I’ve figured it out. It’s like nothing can stop me now, I’m in no hurry with anything anymore. I let time do it all something “.

The rapper admits to cheating on Ari Fletcher about seven months ago

Moneybagg got his start in 2022 by renegotiating his contract with Interscope Records. On the same day that he was buying a Rolls-Royce, he received a phone call about the death of a close friend. Three months later, in March, the mother of his children died. Then, another close friend was caught by the law — though now things are “looking good,” the rapper said.

And seven months ago, Moneybagger almost lost his girlfriend Ari after making the “bad decision” by deceiving her.

“We do not have [an open relationship] Going, but I made mistakes. She made bad decisions, which is why I cringe so hard at her, as if she’s helping me through this situation. I was just a s*** coming from Memphis, my environment, that’s what I was used to. I’ve never been in a real relationship before.”

He admitted that Ari “didn’t take it right.” It’s also hinted that the person he was unfaithful with tried to contact Ari to spill “everything,” which only makes matters worse. Moneybagg Yo says he “kept it” and admitted his indiscretion and apologized.

“I really come from a place of pure when I say that. She’s apologized and I want to work through it and get over it. And she’s with her and she’s helping me… work through it. That’s why I’m rocking her so hard because it’s like ‘Okay, I get you, I get you. No.’” Let It Happen Again, Don’t Take Me There “…once he broke it all the way to the end, you totally got me.”

Moneybagg said that the situation to rest was not worth losing Ari, acknowledging that he is not perfect, just human.


“We’re healing now,” he said, “and we’re moving forward.” On trust, he says, “It’s hard, I know she doesn’t trust me 100%, but it is what it is. I made this bed, I have to lie in it. I take full responsibility, I am a man before anything. We work for it, I can’t do anything but show her. Show her, keep showing her, show her and prove, make her feel safe and wanted and tell her I’m here. You’ll never have that again.”

Marriage is not in the immediate future for the healing spouse, Moneybagg Yo said, explaining that marriage Big diamond ring She was wearing a gift “just because”. He also talked about their miscarriage and how he recast the experience in an upcoming song.

He said, “I’m talking about the situation, that situation like her losing the baby and all of that was kind of breaking our bond at some point.” “It’s hard. She feels like I wasn’t there for her like I should have been.”

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Meanwhile, Ari has not publicly responded to the interview. However, she recently tweeted about the cruelty of the internet.

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