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Norma Hunt, the mayor of Kansas City, has died at the age of 85



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Kansas City, Missouri – Norma Hunt, who was the wife of the late Kansas City Chiefs The Hunt family announced, in a statement released by the team, that founder Lamar Hunt attended all 57 Super Bowl games, and passed away.

She was 85 years old. No cause of death was given.

In their statement, the Hunters said: “My mom was kind, generous, and unfailingly positive, and her joy and zest for life was infectious.

“My mom was steadfastly devoted to her family and deeply passionate about her family’s sports teams. She was by our father Lamar’s side every step of the way—from the merger of the AFL and NFL to the formation of Major League Soccer, World Series Tennis and the North American Soccer League and their founding investment in the Chicago Bulls. She was “The only person we’ve known rivaled his love of the sport. The two found such fun together, both at home and in the stadium. The world.”


Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes He expressed his condolences on Twitter.

In a statement released by the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he had known Hunt for nearly 40 years and had always been “impressed by her warmth and grace”.

“Norma’s sense of family extended to the Organization of Presidents, which she adored dearly,” the statement read. Norma was one of the Chiefs and the NFL’s most passionate fans, understanding and enjoying every aspect of the game. She loved being around the team and referred to the players as “real-life superheroes.” Norma attended every Super Bowl ever, including The two leaders’ recent victories, and she was the only woman to do so.”

Lamar Hunt passed away in 2006. Their son Clark has been the Chiefs’ president ever since.


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